How to Make a DIY Face Shield Rack (Easy Tutorial)



Easy Homemade Coconut Oil

Make your own coconut oil from scratch, I made it much easier by just buying freshly squeeze coconut milk from …
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Simple 3D Art

Make your own simple 3D art from scrap materials like doggy bag (brown paper), strings, pen ink tube, egg shells, …
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Dye from Cream to Denim

Loves denim-look but your fabric is not denim, then let’s color it and made it look like a denim. Just …
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Homemade Ukoy or Shrimp Fritters

Make your own ‘Ukoy’ or shrimp fritters with simple ingredients at your own home. This delicacy is originated from Laguna …
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Simple Shoes Restoration

Refurbished old shoes and simple fixing of it’s sole and apply some shoe polish. Here’s how I do it. What …
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